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Introducing the iSave Debit Card with Endless Possibilities
October 28, 2019 Posted By MCB Funds

Digital transformation has been the new buzz for several years, simplifying everyone’s lives. Back in the years, one could not even imagine that they can save money at their fingertips but thanks to the ever-growing realm of technology, MCB Funds launched an online savings platform, iSave. Similarly with the aim to keep our customers a step ahead of the rest, we now proudly introduce the iSave Debit Card in association with 1LINK; under the affiliate membership of PayPak. It is designed to help customers lead a healthier financial life.

But why would an investment app offer debit card services to its users? The card will be linked to the investor’s iSave account, allowing them immediate access to cash by using it at any 1LINK ATM. This eliminates lead time involved during withdrawal of funds as well as facilitates seamless payments at any retailer across the nation. In saying so, the debit card makes iSave the ultimate contemporary money management solution through which not only one can spend but also invest and save.

The card opens a world of convenience and comfort, allowing its customers contactless transactions. It offers multiple benefits including easy cash access, on-the-go access to one’s investment account, eliminating the hassle of cash payments and it is 100% safe and secure.

It is a stepping stone towards innovation and accessibility, in an economy that needs to foster the habit of strategic saving amongst its citizens. With this launch, MCB – Arif Habib Savings aims to seize fintech opportunities, encouraging the industry to incorporate technological advancements in its product as well as services.