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Spreading Smiles on Children’s Day at Dar-ul-Sukun
November 29, 2018 Posted By MCB Funds

Let’s Spread Smiles!

History is a witness of what people with physical disabilities have been able to achieve by utilizing their unique strengths and be able to stand out amongst rest of the society. Therefore, in honor of World Children’s Day, team MCB Funds took an initiative to celebrate the special occasion with the little angels at Dar-ul-Sukun. With our small gesture, we aimed to spread big smiles among them. It was a celebration without any boundaries where everyone engaged in fun and relived the childhood memories. The day was filled with fun activities including exciting songs, dances, magic show and much more.

It all started with the distribution of scrumptious snacks among the children to gear up for the rest of the event, followed by puppet and magic show. Thereafter, with great excitement, kids from Dar-ul-Sukun displayed their talent and performed on various songs to share their joy on this special occasion. In order to further engage with the kids, our team also prepared a dance performance which was thoroughly enjoyed by them. We concluded the day with the cake cutting ceremony after which the kids were treated to a delicious spread for tea.

It has been a privilege to be invited by Dar-ul-Sukun to celebrate and recognize the vital role of children in the society. Here is what our Head of Marketing, Monis Usman has to say about the initiative, “It was indeed an unforgettable experience not only for them but also for our team. We are committed to pursue similar initiatives in the near future and urge other organizations to bond together and contribute towards the betterment of the society.”

Watch the video: